YES – Young Europeans are in Solidarity The event related to “YES - Young Europeans are in Solidarity” Project,started on 23rd April and held in Košice (SK), ended on the 27th of the same month. The project initiative was funded by the European Commission to the Hungarian Association Jövő Útja and is part of the “Europe for Citizens 2014-2020” program, “Town Twinning” action. The reason why the event was held in Slovakia is due to the fact that Jövő Útja represents a subsidiary organization of Via Carpatia EGTC (European Group for Territorial Cooperation), whose founding members are the Autonomous Region of Košice (SK) and the County of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén (HU): Jövő Útja fulfills the function of simplifying the processes between the two countries. The municipality of Arnòt (HU), the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Organization (HU), the municipality of Gharghur (MT), the Balkanu Zieds Organization (LV), the SòJovem Organization (PT) and the Municipality of Gradoli (IT) participated in the event. YES has chosen to highlight and analyze the concept of youth Social Engagement, starting from the assumption that young people are considered the central protagonists of the European social context. Indeed, they represent the future of Europe and this is an issue on which the EU is particularly focused. The Project included two conferences: one dedicated to the initiatives undertaken locally by young people from the participating countries and one dedicated to European youth initiatives for young people themselves; 2022 is, in fact, the European year of youth. YES was born with the aim of stimulating social and youth engagement to cope with the spread of unemployment and promote the social inclusion of young people, and was achieved thanks to the knowledge relating to the EU decision-making process. In addition to achieving the expected results, the participants had the opportunity to discover the culture and traditions of the host country, as well as to learn about the policies and initiatives undertaken by local organizations, thanks to the interventions held during the aforementioned conferences by local experts and authorities. This guaranteed a direct exchange between the participating delegations, an exchange of ideas, comparison of objectives and good practices for the future of the European Union, especially post-pandemic. “Participating in this project was a very important opportunity for me and for the rest of my delegation, as it offered us the opportunity to open up to Europe, to interact with other communities and enhance our characteristics. Furthermore, thanks to YES I was able to discover the number and variety of initiatives that the European Union provides for us young people”. These are the words of one of the participants in the Project.

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